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January 13, 2019 1 min read


The twill woven waxed canvas used in William Ross Travel Bags® is an American owned family business that has been in business for 7 generations. Over the years the corporation has developed a waxed finish that is propriety in nature and performs well in regard to water resistance. The finish has a very dry feel and no odor, and is made with environmentally friendly food and pharmaceutical quality waxes. The fabric ages well, taking on the patina of leather and performs well in rugged settings but is well received in the fashion industry also. Traditionally the fabric was used in outdoor hunting markets but has exploded into other fashion and edgy markets as well. The wax doesn’t coat the fibers, it fills them. Its special qualities make it exciting to work with and intriguing to designers while offering appeal to a broad market.
The family business is well grounded in years of experience and success and while they do not intend to appeal to the mass market, their product is versatile and enticing to an ever-growing range of designers and manufacturers.