Best Travel Day Bag

January 16, 2020 2 min read

Best Travel Day Bag

While traveling, I became aware of the need for a functional, efficient, and travel-friendly bag. One that was lightweight, durable, weatherproof, and water resistant. That is when the idea came to me.

I designed the bag to make travel safer and more comfortable. Our bags are supreme all-day travel bags and made for everyone. Further, we took the traditional crossover travel bag and improved it by making the bag fit perfectly sideways under the seat while still allowing room for your feet. 

For safety reasons, I designed a crossover bag that I could carry in front of me. I wanted to be able to sit down without taking the bag off. This also ensures that it will never accidently be left behind. In addition, I wanted a bag that stood up on its own for loading yet molds to your body while carrying. 

Put the WR bag on your lap and it sinks into your contours or prop it up on your table and it’s there to stay.

I wanted a crossover with a back pocket that could hold my passport while waiting in line at the airport. I witnessed travelers waiting in airport lines holding their passports for hours.

I couldn’t find a lightweight bag with a strong, malleable, durable strap; most were made out of cotton webbing that won’t last the test of time. Our WR strap is made of full-grain leather and it will never wear out. 

When you carry a WR Travel bag you carry a part of history. There is not a part of this bag that is not built for the long haul.

I also placed the laptop pocket on the inside of the front panel so your laptop won’t hit your hip while walking as most laptop pockets are located next to you and flap against you while walking. This is a feature I have yet to find in other bags.

For extra protection, rain guards were added. The bag also features a user- friendly pin closure leather flap that is positioned on the front of the pocket.

Our Travel bags are available in four color-ways and we also make a smaller travel satchel with the same high quality. Additionally, there is a matching laptop carrier. You can purchase the bags alone, or as a set. Our organic materials are inspired by nature. Know it, feel it, and live the difference.