Mine & Theirs

June 07, 2019 2 min read

Mine & Theirs

WR uses only full-grain leather which is the very best leather you can buy. When reading about products many competitors will say the best Italian genuine leather. Genuine leather is the cheapest leather you can buy. The surface is usually spray painted to resembled a higher grade and usually will not last very long, but the price will be very similar. Premium leather or sometimes called top-grain is the second highest and will not age well and will look plastick-y and will end up looking old and worn.

• WR uses full- grain leather which is the best leather you can buy.

Competitors—use genuine leather (cheapest leather you can buy) or premium leather (second highest you can buy).

• WR uses a full-grain, thick, malleable, adjustable strap.

Competitors use cotton webbing straps or cheap leather

• WR travel bag is one bag for those bleisure trips, travel, and daily use

Competitors bags are in your closet waiting to be used

• WR molds to you while carrying, yet stands up on its own allowing you to load, organize, align, and access easily while traveling with kids.

Competitors are less functional, cumbersome, and lay flat for difficult packing.

• WR fits perfectly sideways under the airplane seat allowing room for your feet.

Competitors bags are stuffed under the seat making access difficult and no room for your feet.

WR is a functional hybrid made for one's daily grind, short weekend trips, a messenger bag, or briefcase. We spent over a year and countless prototypes in order to make this travel bag one of the most functional, user-friendly bags you will ever use. You will not find a more equipped canvas bag at this size as its functionality puts it in a class all its own. In 2017, Americans took more than 2.2 million “bleisure” trips, or travel that included work and leisure. More of us than ever are finding ways to balance work, life and the pursuit of it all in a way that seems healthy and sustainable. William Ross is making bags for this type of traveler.