February 21, 2019 2 min read


WR is eager to announce the honor of being selected to advertise in the prestigious magazine Cowboys & Indians!

The merchandise that is selected by this Premier magazine is the best of the best. The Magazine focuses on the Western and Native Indian lifestyles. C&I was founded by Robert Hartman, who combined the history and stories of the American West with art, Western antiques, ranching, real estate, fashion, music, film, and travel. They also feature articles about celebrities and movie stars who are in westerns or live a western lifestyle. The average reader has a net worth of about 1.5 million – not your average cowboy. The magazine is beautifully illustrated through spectacular images and captivating stories.

The magazine editor says that “We are an international magazine of the highest quality, Cowboys & Indians encompasses everything exceptional about the American West: history and legend, hardworking people, dramatic vistas, enduring values.”

Cowboys and Indian

From the moment I created the William Ross Travel collection I knew it would be a perfect fit for C & I magazine. William Ross luxury travel bags are handmade with the finest materials and are assembled with the highest of quality in mind. The high-end travel bags for men and women are durable, convenient, easy to access, and perfect for every occasion. We work hard to ensure that your designer bag will last the test of time. It's the William Ross way.

I named William Ross travel bags after both my maternal and paternal grandparents.

My grandfather’s grandmother was born on the Trail of Tears. The infant was terribly sick, so her parents made the painful decision to leave their daughter behind so she would live. They had planned on coming back for her, but the Native Americans were not allowed to leave Oklahoma after their coercion out west. There were many Native Americans who handed over their infants so they would live. Four thousand Cherokees died of cold, hunger, and disease on their way to the western lands. In 1830 Congress, urged on by President Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act. Some 16,000 Native Americans were marched over 1,200 miles of rugged land, the Cherokee called this event the Trail of Tears.

Ross was my grandfather on my maternal side. I can still remember his hunting gear as well as my great grandfathers. Back in those days they waxed the material themselves. That’s what attracted me so closely with the wax cotton fabric.

For me, the arrow used in William Ross travel bags represents power and forward direction of travel.