October 01, 2018 2 min read


From the first adventurous trip my William Ross Travel Bag® has been a faithful companion and witness to my travels. I never leave the house without it. This bag goes with me on short weekend trips as well as travels, be it for work, leisure, or adventure. I recently was discussing my design with a local entepernuial. His phone rang and he had to scram, but not without trying to take my Travel bag with him…lol, tried was the key word here.

William Ross travel/messenger bag is for both men and women who want functionality and style. Like most working people, you need to carry your laptop from point A to point B.  The WR bag is a better choice than a backpack when it comes to looking professional and not like a college student. And why carry a rucksack if you’re not camping? Also, the WR bag becomes a breeze to have quick access to an item you need right now (and not five minutes later, when you’ve finally managed to unload the backpack off your back).

Myself, I would rather have one bag that does it all and the larger WR bag does just that. As mentioned it’s the perfect size for your sweater, wallet, water bottle. Not only is the bag great for work and all-day travel, but it’s great to run errands, shop, take to the zoo or movies, or spend the day at a friend’s- throw your clothes  and computer in and go.


It doesn’t matter whether you wear your messenger bag over one shoulder or cross-body.  The key is to pull the strap tight to the body to keep it from flailing around and to allow easy access to the contents inside. if pulled tight and worn cross-body, then the bag can rotate to the back and carried similar to a backpack.  And if you’re riding a bike or motorcycle, it will be less likely to interfere with your ride. When your traveling and want your possessions more in the front of you, rotate the bag to the front and loosen the crossover strap.