Tripping Out: Top 5 Reasons William Ross Travel Bags Are My Favorite Travel Bags

October 29, 2021 2 min read

Tripping Out: Top 5 Reasons William Ross Travel Bags Are My Favorite Travel Bags
  • The WR Unisex Travel bag unzips next to you, as it shields the top from any onlookers’ gaze.
  • Hidden zippers in two back pockets hold your passport while you wait in line. No more holding your passport for two hours while carrying a back pack on your back.
  • Fits underneath the airplane seat sideways, allowing more room for your legs.
  • Just the right size to carry around all day. Holds your sweater, wallet, and bottle water for daily use and holds enough for the weekend.
  • Easy on the shoulders, cross-over design allows you to sit and stand without taking the bag off.


When I started creating William Ross travel bag, I wanted three things: the best quality leather, wax canvas, manufacturer, and finally, I wanted them to be designed with integrity. I proudly accomplished all three. 

I will put my manufacturing craftsmanship up against any in the world. Their skills have been passed down from generation to generation. Finding my manufacturer was like finding a needle in a hay stack. Their stitching, seams, and hardware are unlike no other. The full-grain leather is noticeably higher quality than your average bag. When I visited my manufacturer and saw the quality of their skills first-hand, I knew I had one of the very best.  

Furthermore, I was also impressed with how much they cared for their workers. There is a chapel in the building, a daycare, and the expecting mothers all wear pink so everyone knows to keep a close watch on them should they need anything. 

What is more, the wax canvas fabric I use is some of the heaviest and durable, yet pliable, fabrics you can get. As Judy Martin explains, the wax does not coat the fiber; instead, it fills them. Her family-owned company has been the premier supplier of American-made waxed cotton fabrics since 1930.

Designing this bag took over a year and countless prototypes. I didn’t want to take any shortcuts. Most of my competitors will use a lesser grade of leather or a lighter weight wax canvas material. They also take shortcuts with the straps by using cotton webbing. I use full-grain leather straps on all my bags. Straps are usually the first thing to go, however, if properly cared for, a full grain-leather strap ensures a lifetime of carrying your WR Travel bag. 

Every detail on the bag was carefully thought out. I wanted it to be travel-friendly, functional, and efficient. This is the only bag I have found that has a laptop carrier pocket placed on the inside of the front panel, so the laptop does not hit you while walking. Every detail was perfected, beginning with the back hidden pockets all the way to the design of the front flap.

May you enjoy William Ross by your side on your many adventures!