William Ross Weatherproof Travel Bag

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"More of us than ever are finding ways to balance work, life and the pursuit of it all in a way that seems healthy and sustainable. William Ross is making bags for this type of traveler, myself included, and I’m okay ditching a few bags in its wake."

Dustin Christensen | Founder of Territory Supply

Fits under the airplane seat! Call it a travel bag or a messenger bag. From laptops to your basic necessities, this lightweight, weatherproof bag will prove invaluable. Whether you carry your bag on your next action planned vacation or to the nearest coffee shop, WR travel bag will surely leave an impression. Dimensions: 14"W x 10"H x 4.5"D (not stuffed)


Our luxury messenger / travel bags fit perfectly under the airplane seat so you’ll have plenty of room for your feet, but don’t leave this bag in your room. This trendy, lightweight carry-on bag was designed to be with you all day so you’ll be ready for anything. Small enough that it’s not heavy and cumbersome, large enough to keep your hands free all day - throw your sweater, raincoat, wallet, water bottle, and go and still have two hands free for your all-day adventure. Just enough zipper pockets to keep your things organized, but not left searching all day. I like a bag that stands up on its own for loading yet molds to you while carrying. Like your favorite pair of jeans, your double enforced waxed canvas bag will mold to your body- strong, durable, pliable, and water resistant.


Premium Features on our Luxury Travel Bag

  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Dimensions: 14"W x 10"H x 4.5"D (Unstuffed)
  • Water resistant 24 oz. twill woven waxed canvas from Bridgeton, New Jersey, USA
  • Full-grain, American bridle leather- tough and durable - best you can buy
  • Zipper is high quality brass with a polished galvanized finish for a smooth opening and closing
  • Shoulder strap is full-grain leather and long enough to fit a broad range of sizes
  • Front pocket has a zipper closure with a leather flap held down by a pin closure
  • Two back pockets have hidden zippers to hold your passport while waiting in line at the airport. No more holding your passport for two hours while carrying a backpack on your back.
  • Fits under an airplane seat while still allowing room for your feet.
  • Inside pocket holds Apples 13-inch MacBook Pro. I located the laptop pocket on the inside of the front panel, so your laptop won’t hit your hip while walking.
  • Just the right size to carry around all day, holds your sweater, wallet, and bottle water for daily use or big enough to pack for the weekend
  • The bottom is double reinforced for durability
  • Inside seams are lined in full-grain leather
  • The top has a grab and go handle made of full-grain leather
  • Rain flaps were added for extra protection
  • Designed for all day travel-no leaving this bag in the room

The William Ross Design Process


Our Leather

The leather is full-grain leather - the best you can get. Full-grain leather come from the top layer of the hide. It includes all the grain with it - hence the name full-grain leather. This type of leather retains the inherent toughness, as well as the imperfections because there are no surface alternations or splitting. It is the highest quality leather, thus the most expensive. Full-grain leather develops a patina over time - a characteristic that attributes to its popularity.

Our Belief

No synthetic materials are used in the production of our bags. At WR, we believe in quality over quantity. Shop sustainable and say no to fast throw-away fashion that only adds to our already overflowing landfills. All of our products are environmentally-friendly, and with the right care, will last you a lifetime. Natural materials, inspired by nature.

Our Waxed Canvas

A rugged natural fabric that unlike most synthetics, will look better with time. Waxed canvas develops a patina with age, each mark a reminder of your journey. Waxed canvas radiates rugged sophistication and the natural fabric looks better with wear and time. Unlike industrial materials, waxed canvas will become part of your timeless journey; stories to be passed down and adventures embedded in the natural patina of the material. Know it, feel it, and live the difference.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I haven't went on a trip yet, but I'm looking forward to my next trip. This bag seems to be the perfect size for a carry-on and fit nicely under the seat in front of me. This will be considered my personal item along with my carry-on bag. I used to carry a backpack, but I was looking for a small option to bring just items that I need to have on a plane. My ipad, chargers, cords, snacks, and a water bottle. I believe I have found the perfect bag. It's looks great, waterproof, and easy to carry.

Marisol P
Step Up!

Love my WR Travel Bag! A step up from My Filsons Bag. Outstanding quality!
Thank you!!


The leather and stitching is some of the finest I've ever seen. I use this bag for my daily office commutes!


This is a great, simple all-day travel bag. Best part is the cross-over style. I travel to large cities and I like my personnel belongings safe in front of me rather than hanging off my back. Thanks WR!

happy customer

I really couldn’t be happier with this bag. I was expecting very high quality and it exceeded my expectations. This bag is the perfect size for day outings! Molds to you when it is not over stuffed and yes, it does fit under the airplane seat.